Do you need a free, reliable offsite backup for your Synology NAS? It’s possible to sync a selection of your Synology’s shared folders with a public cloud service like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. Of course we all know Cloud Sync, but how do you sync your shared folders without moving or copying them to the Google Drive/OneDrive folder?sharedbackup


For example: you have two shared folders “Photos” and “Downloads”. You want to sync both folders to a cloud service. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Stop the Cloud Sync app in Package Center
  2. Create two new folders (Photos and Downloads) in your Google Drive/OneDrive sync folder
  3. Log in using SSH (putty) with user root and your admin password
  4. mount –bind /volume1/photos /volume1/googledrive/photos

  5. Do the same for other folders if you want (mount –bind /volume1/downloads /volume1/googledrive/downloads)
  6. Check if you can see your files in your cloud folder
  7. If all is well, start Cloud Sync!
  8. Now edit /etc/rc using vi and add the mount command at the bottom of the file, before exit 0. This will mount the folder at boot.

Optional: if you want the mounted folders to be read only, add this line too in /etc/rc. This could be useful if you only want a one way sync.

mount –bind /volume1/photos /volume1/googledrive/photos
mount -o remount,ro /volume1/googledrive/photos

Works great in DSM 5.2!