Ubuntu Server backup with rsnapshot

I was looking for simple backup software to backup the user data on my Ubuntu NAS. When looking for solutions on Google I came across rsnapshot.  This backup solution uses rsync to sync files to a destination. In my case I attached an external USB drive as backup destination. Install rsnapshot by running sudo apt-get Lees meer overUbuntu Server backup with rsnapshot[…]

Build a NAS blog – configure disk spin down in Ubuntu with hdparm

The default Ubuntu Server installation did not spin down my hard drives by default. Luckily we have a tool called ‘hdparm’ to do this for us. Spinning down disks can save up to 10watt per disk and extends life expectancy. Hdparm is installed by default, but if it isn’t you can install it with the following Lees meer overBuild a NAS blog – configure disk spin down in Ubuntu with hdparm[…]

Build a NAS blog – Asrock N3150DC-ITX

This blog is about my new DIY custom-build NAS. This build replaces my old DS211 Synology. The Synology was too slow and incapable of running multiple packages. I spend a lot of time figuring out my exact demands and the best hardware to get the job done (and at low costs). I wanted: Energy efficient machine Lees meer overBuild a NAS blog – Asrock N3150DC-ITX[…]

Mount shared folders in Synology Cloud Sync

Do you need a free, reliable offsite backup for your Synology NAS? It’s possible to sync a selection of your Synology’s shared folders with a public cloud service like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. Of course we all know Cloud Sync, but how do you sync your shared folders without moving or copying them to the Google Drive/OneDrive Lees meer overMount shared folders in Synology Cloud Sync[…]